Remote DBA Experts

Our services and solutions:

  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Consulting
  • 24/7 support
  • Oracle Consulting
  • SQL/PLSQL Tuning
  • Performance/Tuning
  • On-Demand Requests
  • High Availability solutions
  • Custom Education sessions



Oracle Perfomance Tuning

Creating optimally performing environments requires strategic and careful planning with constant system and database monitoring of key performance indicators. We use these baselines as a starting point from which we achieve a strategic goals of 100% satisfaction, reliability and high performance. Our main goals are to minimize downtime and expenses, reduce further risks and make the best use of current hardware and software available. Data Domain offers remote Oracle database performance tuning health checks to rapidly identify your environments performance bottlenecks.

Oracle Enterprise Management 

provides rich monitoring features as a foundation for monitoring all components of your IT infrastructure (Oracle and non-Oracle) as well as the applications and services that are running on them. These features enable IT to proactively monitor and resolve issues by business priority, implement operational best practices for monitoring, and provide consistent, high quality service in support of business goals.


AWR collects (through snapshots), processes, and maintains performance statistics in reports used in performance tuning practices. Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor with AWR Reports analyses the snapshots to perform performance analysis against baseline snapshots.

QUEST Spotlight on Oracle

provides visual, real-time diagnostics, so you can quickly eliminate bottlenecks in Oracle and Oracle RAC environments. And because Spotlight helps you save time finding and fixing performance issues, you can reduce downtime and IT costs.

Database Experts

Our remote DBA Team will analyze your system and work with your team to: Improve overall database performance and application response time.  Make the best use of current hardware and software and discover the bottlenecks in the system.  Work on reducing future risk of bad performance.